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In 2013, we rescued Laurel, a sweet 2-year-old female Labrador Retriever mix who was found as a stray in Sylva. When Laurel was scheduled for her spay surgery, it was discovered that she was suffering from an advanced case of heartworms. While treatable, the procedure for eradicating the heartworms is very hard on the animal, and very expensive. Even with the generous lifesaving help and incredible compassion from Animal Wellness Hospital in Highlands, the medical expenses from Laurel’s treatment exceeded more than $500.

Laurel is just one example.

CHHS rescues and saves the lives of hundreds of companion animals each year, many of whom require advanced (and expensive) medical treatment. To ensure that we provide the highest level of compassionate care, our veterinary expenses exceed $50,000 each year. All of these amazing dogs and cats will not only survive – but thrive – because of the second chance at life we can give them.

Animals who are once cast aside, oftentimes abandoned, abused or neglected, CHHS will always step in to rescue and save lives.

We can save even more of these special medical-needs animals with your support.

In honor of our beloved Labrador who has now found her forever home with a loving family, please consider a donation to CHHS to help cover the cost of special medical needs animals. No donation is too small or insignificant – every dollar counts! Please send your generous donation to: CHHS, P.O. Box 638, Cashiers, NC 28717. Indicate on your check “Laurel Fund”.


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